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Hidden Threat

Dark, damp environments are prime breeding grounds for unexpected mold infestations and, unfortunately, no space is safe. Mold is an ever present part of our ev... READ MORE

What goes down, might come up

Unexpected accidents can leave you in a messy situation. When a local resident had a sewage back up, we were on our way to help. SERVPRO of Rock County is here ... READ MORE

Water, Water All Around

When talking about the scope of damage water can create, its sometimes difficult to imagine without having experienced it first hand. Even a small leak can turn... READ MORE

Ceiling's Leaking

There are certain situations that arise quickly and others more subtly. When a leak has formed behind drywall or ceiling tiles, the damage might not be visible ... READ MORE

Leaky Pipes

When water damage occurs, its essential to assess the extent of repair needed and stop the source from which the water is coming from. A local resident had the ... READ MORE

Smokey Outlines

Fire damage is one of the more destructive events that can occur as the loss can be multifaceted. Not only does the fire itself cause irreparable and irreversib... READ MORE

Disaster Zone

One of the most unfortunate and unpleasant of all home disasters is a sewage back up. Not only does the damage affect everything in its path, it also brings wit... READ MORE